Glory Seeds
You are worthy our Lord and God to receive the glory and honor and power for you created all things Rev. 4:11 NIV

Our Projects

Glory Seed's Academy
We are located on 41 incredibly beautiful acres in Rabun County, Ga. We truly go from the mountain top to the floor of the valley. It is a lush rain forest of greens, bursting forth with life of all kinds. our vision is to develop a community which will consist of homes, tent sites, RV sites, church camping, and housing for interns to come and learn about sustainable living. All will be nestled together to preserve as much green space as possible. All of the buildings will be built using green non-toxic materials. We will offer classes in all areas of sustainable living, organic gardening, green building, alternative energy, and our upcoming internship opportunities.
The Garden:
We have approximately 2.5 acres currently in production as an organic garden. We grow an assortment of vegetables, herbs, and grains. Our goal is to be able to grow year round and be able to provide healthy food for the Glory Seeds Community. Our garden is open to the community to come and grow with us. We offer a community gardening night every Tuesday night until Fall and then we garden on Saturday mornings.  

The Farm:
Glory Seeds Farm is currently raising goats for milk and cheese, chickens for eggs, pigs for pasture pork, and donkeys, llama, sheep just for the love factor. We plan to begin a small herd of longline cattle on the mountain and will have grass fed beef. Of course we can't forget our very busy bees. We just harvested our honey, and are learning candle making.

Not Bread Alone:
Carolyn and Doug Griffen are responding to God's call and growing food in Habersham County to share God's abundant love . We are always amazed at God's calling on lives and thrilled to be a part of nurturing this seed.

God's Abundance Market and Cafe:
God's Abundance is a free farmer's market, soup kitchen, and boutique for those struggling financially in the Rabun County area. Glory Seeds shares  organic produce, in addition to food from the Foodbank of NE Georgia. Several area restaurants help out with soup for our kitchen. New Life Church opens their arms and hearts every week in addition to support from Wiley Presbyterian, Rabun Gap Presbyterian, Sky Valley Chapel, and Antioch Methodist Churches in Rabun County. God's abundance is poured out every Thursday and our guests know they are loved.

Yahveh's Abundance:
A new food minstry will be operating in Manatee County, Florida. Herman and Lisa Cadena will be sharing Yahveh's tremendous abundance with the community in Palmetto Florida. We are excited to watch Glory Seeds' purpose spreading to new areas. 

Oliver's Garden:
Children were welcomed by Jesus for blessings, and they are welcome to be a blessing to Glory Seeds. A children's garden is being set up, it will include hands-on and interactive activities to teach all ages of the importance of growing healthy food. We are looking forward to sharing many opportunities for laughter, fun, and time to play in the dirt. 

Growing fish and plants together will be our next big adventure. Stay tuned for more details.



Energy Academy: Solar was installed at Glory Seeds October 2011. This is possible through a grant given to Radiance Solar for nonprofits in Georgia. This will enable us to teach classes in solar installation and use. We will offer classes for all levels, homeowner to career certification. This is just the beginning, we will also set up demonstration sites for wind and geo-thermal.

Green Housing:Glory Seeds will be building several different types of sustainable housing on the site. We are beginning with homes made from foam. they are totally green, non-toxic, highly insulated, and fairly easy to build. We will be teaching classes in foam construction as we progress.

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